Shri.Madhukarrao Nawale

Exploration of the classroom confined education has been set on its track. The Children are the architects of future. Their boundless energies need to be supervised and molded in the right direction with the highest efforts ever made. I think this glorious task can be best executed by the teachers who are in helm, steering the ship of the pupils destiny towards a commendable zenith. Besides imparting quality education. Besides imparting quality education.

Shri.Sureshrao Kote

 A man of eminent personality, staunch co-operative leader and a great visionary, who is totally committed to the social-economic and educational development of Akole people. He has a deep sense of purpose, be it in the field of social welfare activities that he strongly feels would bring relief to the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society, or carrying out his contribution for the development of the masses.


The mission of the Sanstha is to provide quality and value based education to the talented youths in order to shape their dreams and aspirations of becoming professional graduates 2. This will not only help the students of the region but will also enhance the economic and cultural growth of the society in the region


The society is committed to provide state of art infrastructure in terms of land, building, competent & learned faculty, modernized equipment, computing facilities, adequate books and periodicals, Internet Facility to all, alongwith all amenities for the students and staff in all the campuses.

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